‘Shock’ Bradford fire as a crew battle to contain

'Shock' Bradford fire as a crew battle to contain

“I saw smoke and saw it flying over the helicopter,” said Simon Bailey, a resident of West Bowling. “The fire sounds pretty dramatic.”

Local resident Talha Mohammad said: “I could see smoke everywhere from my window this morning. It was coming from the BD5 area.”

Firefighters smoke as they fight a large fire at an old go-kart site in East Bling Ling

A local resident near Manchester Road woke up this morning to find fire and smoke.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “This is something you don’t want to see at first glance. I don’t like it when things like this happen.”

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Another man, who also wanted to remain anonymous, was also watching from Manchester Road just before noon.

He said: “I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s unbelievable because they definitely don’t seem to be taking it under control – and they’ve been on it for good hours.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Large fire at old go-kart site in East Bowling burns by noonA large fire engulfed the old go-kart site in East Bling Ling until noon

He thanked the firefighters, and said: “They are risking their lives.”

He was also concerned about the impact of the fire on surrounding businesses.

Farhad Hassan, owner of H2O Car Wash at Mill Lane, said: “I was worried about it, but we were not able to open it anyway because of the lockdown.

Mr Hussein said firefighters had used their commercial premises to fight the fire.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Firefighters continue to face blazes at East Billing's old go-kart siteFirefighters continue to extinguish fire at East Bling Ling’s old go-kart site

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“They came into my business and were arranged inside the car park.”

Muhammad Ali, another employee working for the H20 car wash, added: “I was a little shocked when I saw it. It doesn’t seem close enough to affect the car wash, but I’m still very worried because I don No. They don’t know they can control it. ”

“I was coming to town in a bus and I saw a fire from the Odsal top,” said Capin Rolls, a VK resident who works for First Bus in Bradford. “I was worried when I saw all the smoke because it was near the bus depot.”

Walking along Manchester Road, Manningham resident Julian Terry talked about how upset he was to see the fire.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Smoke continues to rise over Bradford this afternoonSmoke has been rising steadily over Bradford this afternoon

“He’s very upset. I’ve hated the fire ever since the Grenfell fire disaster in London.”

“I have a friend who lives in a flat on Manchester Road, and I think about it whenever I have a fire.

“I live in a block of flats right now and it bothers me. When I was living in a block of flats in Leeds, one of my six flats burned completely on fire. It was absolutely horrible.

“Even this fire seems to have gotten worse in the last half hour of seeing it. It doesn’t seem to have been affected and the firefighters had to pull back a bit.”


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