Signs That You Have Hired the Right Cleaning Service

Hiring an external cleaning company offers innumerable advantages and is sometimes unavoidable since the dimensions or specific characteristics of the facilities make it unthinkable to carry out the cleaning service with directly hired personnel. There is a wide range of services you will get from a professional cleaning company. Most of them do office cleaning, apartment cleaning, business cleaning, and even carpet cleaning.

You should look for the right cleaning service that will guarantee quality work. But how do you know that we have hired the right cleaning company? Here are some signs that will let you know if you have been right when it comes to trusting your cleaning company.

1) Your cleaning company monitors the status of cleaning: a company that regularly visits your facilities will be of great help. You can forget about cleaning and focus on your business.

2) When one of the people in charge of cleaning does not go to work, another person comes to replace them: the absence of coverage guarantees continuity in the cleaning service, and your facilities will never be dirty

3) Your cleaning company complies with the law: they have their workers registered with the relevant insurance bodies, comply with occupational risk prevention issues, etc. This point is essential if you want to be really calm and not live under the constant threat of lawsuits or visits from inspection authorities.

4) It has quality certification: If your cleaning company is certified by a reputable external entity, it will offer you a quality service. Not all companies can achieve the very demanding quality standards set by certifying companies.

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5) It has its own infrastructure: Trust cleaning companies with their own machinery and work teams. It is an unequivocal sign of its solvency.

7) It cares about the training of its employees: If your cleaning company trains its workers, you will have people trained to provide a good service, and that will show in the quality of cleaning your facilities.

In short, you need a cleaning company that gives you peace of mind, that is, with which you can forget about cleaning in addition to providing you with an optimal quality of service and a quality guarantee.

Reasons to Outsource Cleaning Services

There are many cases in which the office cleaning task is directly entrusted to the people whom the company hires directly, without considering going to a cleaning company to outsource this activity. This also happens with some frequency in schools, communities of owners, industrial buildings, etc.

There are many advantages of hiring a reputable cleaning company. A good cleaning service will not only keep the company clean but also add value to cleaning. The following are the advantages of outsourcing cleaning services.


A good cleaning company will ensure that the client can focus on their business and forget about cleaning since it will be in the hands of professionals. A reputable cleaning company will periodically monitor the quality of the cleaning, using the most appropriate materials and machinery for each case.

In addition, it will cover any absence of people assigned to cleaning, whether due to leave, vacations, etc. It will also directly manage all administrative issues related to the people assigned to cleaning and strictly comply with the legislation, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises for its customers.

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Optimal Cleaning

In the case of cleaning, outsourcing is synonymous with professionalizing. A good cleaning company will achieve an optimal level of cleaning, directly impacting the better image of the client’s facilities and reducing the deterioration of the facilities, with the consequent reduction in costs. Also, an optimal level of cleaning will reduce the spread of diseases.

Quality Guarantee

A good cleaning company will be endorsed by a quality certificate. It will use its own material resources and have a human team in continuous training and professional recycling to ensure the safety of its workers. In short, there are many advantages to hiring a cleaning company. But to get these advantages, it must be a cleaning company that guarantees the points outlined.

How Much Should You Pay for a Cleaning Service?

The existing competitiveness in the current economic and business panorama forces clients to take into account the price of the cleaning services offered. Price is very important, to the point that, in some cases, it is the only criterion that is taken into account when choosing a cleaning company.

It is common for clients to request various quotes from different cleaning companies and choose the one that offers them a lower price without considering key aspects, such as the professionalism, seriousness, and track record of the cleaning company.

If the budget of one of the companies they have contacted is significantly lower than the others, it is better to be suspicious. Here’s what’s behind a low price:

Services Not Provided

These companies will probably spend less time cleaning their facilities than agreed or necessary, with the consequent detriment to the state of cleaning. Or when cleaning employees do not show up for work, the absence will not be covered.

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It is also likely that they will not provide employees with the right cleaning products or materials to carry out their work, which will deny you the quality of service you require.

Non-Compliance With the Relevant Labor Laws

The following situations may occur: cleaners do not receive their salary (or collect it badly and late), the absence of training, information, or any occupational risk prevention measure. This can mean severe consequences for clients if the person in charge of cleaning, for example, suffers an accident. Also, hiring cleaning services from companies that have not insured their employees could be a reason for low prices.

It might be a cheaper option, but you may end up parting with a lot of money later in case of an accident or mishap during this kind of service. You should be ready to pay more if you want a compliant cleaning service to guarantee you quality work. Take your time to compare the rates and choose the best.


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