Sir Sean Connery: Advocate for independence who was Scotland’s ambassador to the world stage

Sir Sean Connery: Advocate for independence who was Scotland's ambassador to the world stage

Mark Miller found it only yesterday when he tweeted a tribute to Sir Sean Connery.
The comic book author and president of the Netflix division wrote, “Scotland has never been an actor before or after such an instant and indescribable global influence.

Like Billy Connolly in terms of comedy, he was the first man on the moon and so he can never be surpassed. Probably our greatest, most marvelous export. ”

Another contributing point came yesterday via Twitter from Twitter: Connery, who wrote, “Original Scots working class art / autodedict hero.

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The fiery Scottish presence in global culture, so powerful that it became a symbol, no matter the story. Kane added that Connery was “an undisputed sexist (and also of his time),” but he was “so sad he wouldn’t see Indy.”

Connery had a close relationship with Scotland wherever he lived and worked during his long career. Her passion for her homeland was greatly enhanced by the “Scotland Forever” tattoo, which she applied to her hands when she was just 18 years old.

His long-held belief in Scottish independence became a major issue at home and abroad. Nicola Sturgeon commented yesterday: “He was a lifelong advocate of an independent Scotland, and those of us who believe in him owe a great debt of gratitude to him.”

When it comes to public identification with a political party, there will be only one choice for Connery.

Connery has been a reliable source of funding for the SNP since the 1960s, writes Andrew Yule, a biographer.

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In December 1968, the party invited him to run as a potential candidate for West Fifa – before announcing that he was not a member of the SNP.

In 1971, Kenner Neri recommended that Scotland be “somewhat pulled away after hundreds of years of second place in England”.

In 1991, the actor decided to participate in the SNP party’s political television broadcast. It was a significant uprising for the party; The membership increased by at least 1,000 after his intervention. Telephone lines at the SNP’s Edinburgh headquarters were jammed overnight.

Shortly afterwards, in an interview with the leading French newspaper Le Figaro, he said, Published with the title.

Opposition politicians and critics said the tax evaders who were living in Spain at the time did not interfere in Scottish affairs. He said Conner’s response was typically agile: “I am entitled to take an interest and get involved,” he said. “I have the right to be born in Scotland.”

Connery was there when the Scottish Parliament opened in 1999, and proudly called it the most important day of his life. The Scottish pronunciation of the male is James. No, his first release as James Bond was the subject of numerous reviews, including a role. He merged Suaveti with brutality in a way that had never been seen on a cinema screen before.

Some critics liked Do No, others saw it as a light fare (an American writer described it as a “tinselde action-thriller”). But all were impressed by this muscular, sardonic, good-looking Scott. “The actor who plays Bond is right for the part – tall, dark and handsome Sean Connery, who was born in Edinburgh but has a slightly Irish accent, and will probably become more and more familiar with Bond as the B screen adventure progresses,” the Glasgow Herald film writer , Molly Plorite, wrote in her review.

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“In the early ’60s, Kerner’s James Bond was as dangerous and sexy as it got on screen – until directors like Alfred Hitchcock and Sidney Lumet came along, and saw how Connery’s on-screen manners could be taken to the next level. The film critic, Peter Bradshaw, observed yesterday.

It was with the explicit salary of a Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever, that Kerneri famously founded the Scottish International Education Trust, which provides financial support to Scotsmen and women for “demonstrating exceptional ability and commitment”.

“I want the Scots to develop their pride,” he said at the time. “Of course, they can come to London and beat the English in their game. But I want them to promote their own future in their own land. ”

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Connery was touched in 1991, when he was granted Freedom in Edinburgh. “Whenever I come back I will always get a tremendous charge, come back to Scotland.
“The reality is that as long as I’m passionate about my work and work, I’m not living anywhere, really.”

Flood tributes came from around the world yesterday. It was a reminder of how years ago, he was on holiday in Sri Lanka. Late into the night I was talking to a Thretis ome Ming man working behind the hotel bar. The language barrier was a formidable one, but he knew a few of the Scottish words: “whiskey”; And, said with a squeal of “Sean Kerner Nari”.

But Connery will miss the worst in his hometown.

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It was Scott through and through.

In 1991, Jim Seeler made this spectacular observation to the Glasgow Herald: “He is a Scott who has been successful externally, on the international scene, without compromising himself as a Scott.

“It’s his attraction to the Scottish population: he’s still one of us, no excuses.”


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