Six Nations: Italy crashed again in Scotland and inherited a 6th wooden spoon in a row – 6 nations

Six nations : L'Italie se crashe encore en Ecosse et hérite d'une 6e cuillère de bois de suite

At Marefield, XV du Chardon made short work of Nazionale (52–10) on the 5th day of the Six Nations tour. The Scots made eight tries and signed their second win in the 2021 tournament before playing their late match against the Blues the following Friday. The Italians end up with a new wooden spoon (5 defeats), which ranks 11th in their history.

Scotland, out of the title race, came back to victory by setting fire to Italy, already promised final place, its fifth defeat (52-10) and the heaviest of the 2021 Six Nations tournament on Saturday in Edinburgh . “Nazionale” finished with a wooden spoon for the sixth consecutive year and also broke the tragic record for the most points (239) and tries scored in the contest (34). For its part, Scotland temporarily joins Ireland and on Saturday in Dublin before a duel between the XV of Clover and England. The Scots will play the final game late next Friday against France at the Stade de France.

Regrets for scotland

After opening the scoring at a group stage (7–0, 6th), Italy quickly faced Scottish influence, which allowed the locals to secure an offensive bonus before the break (24–10). Often punished, including three yellow cards, Italy could not really upset the Scots who were disappointed by their extremely narrow home defeats against Wales (25-24) and Ireland (27-24).

River’s win will not celebrate the remorse of Scotland, who defended the champion, with notable success in the tournament against England (11-6), his first since 1983 in London. Italy, after losing 40 points against France, Ireland against 38, 41 against Wales, and therefore 42 against XV du Chardon, showed great continuity in the poor performance, with 23 passing for a close match against England. Huh.

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