Six Nations Rugby | Italy beat Scotland in RWC Europe qualifier

  Six Nations Rugby |  Italy beat Scotland in RWC Europe qualifier

Scotland won the draw and were elected to the pitch.

Griggs makes Ireland squad for RWC qualifiers

Michaela Silari also passes after the break and Magadi is in second, a consolation attempt from Scottish winger Ronna Lloyd.

Scotland will face Ireland’s favorite in the next round of the Rugby Europe Women’s Championship, who will beat the Netherlands and Russia to qualify for the tournament.

Italy took the lead and after successive selections Scotland went to 22, with Franco scoring the goal and moving for the hosts in two minutes.

The attempt was aborted, but Scotland quickly recovered, Nelson reducing the deficit to four points by scoring a penalty from just in front of the goalpost.

After a dramatic start, the game tightened up and turned into a very physical match, but Italy were suddenly back in 20 minutes.

Magadi made his best effort of the match when smart hands from the Italians placed him on the right and stepped on Chloe Rowley before escaping from Scottish cover for a better finish in a corner.

The substitution was lost but Asurar’s kick-off returned in the Scottish first half, with Lucia Coe hitting a giant fort to direct the ball towards opponent 22 and dumping Bartin on the scrum-half in Italy’s third attempt Gaya.

Italy took a 19–3 lead with a second replacement from Sillari before being shot by Nelson for the second penalty of the match.

But after a powerful run from Ariquette, Italy converted another attempt at the interval boundary.

After Nelson’s first miss in the first half, Asurar again crossed the white wall.

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Steca and Serrato in Italian squad for RWC qualification

Italy kept pace throughout the match and after a brilliant crupper from Veronica Madia with the Scottish defence, Magatti put his foot down and landed in the second attempt of the match.

A top performer from Italy was shown a yellow card in place of Francesca Scorpini, and Scotland scored against 14 women by Lloyd, which ended up wide in space.

However, Italy did not seem to be losing control, and Scotland fell to 14 with five minutes to go after a hard fight from Christine Bellisley.


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