Six Nations: Scotland, “French Fars”, stands against blues and incompleteness

Six Nations: Scotland,

At the beginning of the week, the Scottish press passed the heirs of Kovid’s affairs within the XV of France of “French Persia” (French Persian). The pressure was slightly alleviated with the removal of spectators for the postponement of the France-Scotland match on Sunday. And then Petratus. After two days of calm, the cold shower collapsed this Thursday with the announcement of a new case – perhaps Rochelle’s Uni Ateneo – as evidence that the virus did indeed originate in the French team’s workforce.

The Six Nations committee, which was the organizer of the Epifier tournament, had no choice but to agree on the opinions of its experts gathered within the monitoring group of the Six Nations (TOG) on Thursday morning and postpone the shock for the third day . Without setting a new date.

The news was, as might be expected, much less appreciated in Scotland. “While we fully accept the decision of the Trial Monitoring Group (of the organizing committee) to recommend the postponement of our match against France for medical reasons, it is disappointing that we will not be able to play this match on Sunday “, Coach Greg confirmed, Townsend quoted in a statement from the Scottish Federation.

Scotland does not want postponement until the weekend of 6-7 March

Anticipating a possible postponement of the meeting, the Scottish Federation had expressed reservations earlier in the week on the choice of the weekend of 6–7 March. Important matches in the Celtic League or English League are scheduled on this date. For Townsend, the prospect of her not being the best people was unthinkable. The technician recognized this, he wants to benefit from his best players so that he can “develop at the same level as we had this weekend”.

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After wishing for “a good recovery for the management affected by the players and Kovid”, the former Scottish international passed by Brieve and Castres allowed himself a short comment. “Throughout this tournament and before, during the Fall Nations Cup, we have worked hard to maintain strict Kovid protocols, which have allowed us to select our strongest teams for these important international meetings. It is implied that France has not been able to do so.


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