Six Nations Women, Italy show in Scotland: 20-41 and final for third place

Six Nations Women, Italy show in Scotland: 20-41 and final for third place

Victory worth fifth place in the world rankings. Blue Cheers in Glasgow: ends 20–41. Seven goals with Rigoni (2), Furlan (3), Arrigetti and Minuzzi. And there is a match against Ireland on Saturday 24 April

It is the force of seven Italy, which sweeps Scotland away: it ends on the third day of women’s rugby, 41-20, from six countries. And with this victory the Italians win the finals for 3rd place, to be played at Parma on Saturday 24 April at 1pm. Italy will challenge Ireland, who lose to France 56–15 (goal 8–2) in the second match. Proof of a clear division of forces in the tournament, two less balanced matches than expected.

Ranking record

Blue in Glasgow confirmed the technical quality and propensity to play, having already featured in the first 50 ‘with England. They kick only two balls at 80, attacking others from around the pitch. A stunning test that clinched a clear win (2 from 7 goals) and advanced to the 5th position in the World Rugby rankings, beating the United States and Australia. Coach Andrea di Giandomenico’s team thus equates to the highest rank ever.

First half

The game begins in the best possible way. Italy finalized the combination between the elected players of the match, Arlighetti, Barrettin and Furlan, after Beatrice Rigoni, with a lost ball in multiple multiphase action scores in the first scrum stage. Three minutes pass and this is what Manela Furlan, the author of a hat-trick, who performs 80 meters of action in the first leg born of a stolen ball in a defensive touch, and with a change of front to the goal area Is brought The blue color indicates all abilities. The feeling of being able to win 12–0 and easily also gave it superiority in the field. Instead Scotland won possession, territory and withdrawal by 10–12, taking advantage of Italian indiscipline: 3 to 8 dishonest in the first 40, eventually 7–15. 22 in ‘with Skeldon’s Maul. 39 ‘on football after defending well on two penalties in the blue. The match seems to be back in balance, but at the kickoff the Scots lose the ball and Italy immediately return from the break with an action where Cilari sets two rivals and free Ilaria Arrigetti 10–19.

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Second shift

The second half’s 1 ‘widens when the extreme Vittoria Ostuni Minuji, who remembers Matteo Minoji, an almost homo-role in leg lightning and not just in the nickname, finalizes another all-out action, Baratin. With holes of K rigoni. After a run and a kick from Bachna Nelson (45 ‘), Furlan’s bonus goal in the 58th minute came in the 10th leg. The victory is no longer in question (13–29) and the triple run of meters running blue (672 to 278) measures his superiority in attack. But they also show their defensive tenacity. At around 65 ‘he caught an infinity multiphase from Scotland in midfield that fails to make the meter. Rigoni signs an individual double in superiority from the wing, when overturned in front of 67 ‘. Only interest at this point results. If Italden wins by +15, it rises to 5th place in the rankings. In the 72nd minute Vessel’s goal, which was still in favor of a penalty, appeared to be missing the goal (20–34), thanks to Nelson’s change (4 of 4). On the other hand, in Furlan’s hat-trick of 78 ‘, Seal by Sillari’s foot (3 of 7) gives 20-41 and double joy: wins and world record rankings.

Results and rankings

Ireland – France 15–56, Scotland – Italy 20–41.
Chart. Group A: England 10, Italy 5, Scotland 0.
Group B: France 10, Ireland 5, Wales 0.
Final on Saturday: England-France in the first place; Third place Italy-Ireland; 5th place Scotland-Wales.


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