Soccer – Scotland sport ‘not ready to go home’

Soccer - Scotland sport 'not ready to go home'

DARLINGTON (AP) – Scotland’s national football team will be looking to make it to the first knockout round of the European Championships after a much-anticipated draw against title contenders England.

“We said after the game that we weren’t ready to go home anymore. We want to stay in the tournament,” said Steven Reid, assistant coach at team headquarters in Darlington. “It was a good feeling for the moment, but it doesn’t make sense for Tuesday. Then we need a result.”

Then the Scots will look to enter with a win against Croatia in their home city of Glasgow. “Hopefully we score a goal or two, otherwise we will go home,” said the assistant coach. The Bravehearts decided not to train on Saturday after a 0-0 draw against England. Many players rested on the golf course. “You would have thought the Ryder Cup was being played there,” Reid said. Loud screams were heard from the seats.

Scotland, who initially lost 2–0 to the Czech Republic, are back on the EM for the first time in 25 years. A draw or a loss against Croatia means the end. If they win, the Scots will either have to hope for England to lose to Croatia and thus meet a worse goal difference than their British rivals – or finish in the top four-thirds of the group.

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