Some photos from an unreleased set leaked in Scotland!

Some photos from an unreleased set leaked in Scotland!

As we explained to you In our video, To date the series shooting is active Andor E Obi-van Kenobić (As well as The Book of Boba Fate) and those of Mandalorian 3 and Ahosa are about to begin. They have recently leaked Some photos showing an unreleased set in Scotland: Let’s see what production they can relate to!

Photos from the set

Photograph of a spacecraft from the set. From: SWleaks

This all-new set is located near the Cruchen reservoir, In the scottish highlands. Above you can see the indeterminate Preparing a spaceshipIn which work is being done on both the interior and exterior. This can also be seen in one of the leaked photos on Reddit A particular structure (You can find it below). It is indeed impossible to understand what production this set may be, but The first idea clearly goes into the series Internal management and.

Set in scozia star wars
A structure from the set in Scotland. From: SWleaks

This is because Filming of the show Dedicated to Cassian Andoro They are happening around the uk, And is therefore the most likely hypothesis. However, this does not exclude other hypotheses; It may have been a set designed for another series in production, or even For an unexpected project. To date it is impossible to guess due to the lack of strong clues in the photos, so the most likely hypothesis is still Andor. a set of.

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