Stabbing in Scotland: Three dead

Stabbing in Scotland: Three dead

Two women died, aged 39 and 24, and a 40-year-old man was killed in Kilmarnock, Scotland, hitting the toll of an “accident” that occurred last night.

The local police made it clear at a briefing today, without now stating the names of the victims or clarifying whether the man was the suspected stonebird, and adding only that the investigation is underway to determine the context of the three facts, “linked between Has happened” “.

The first knife lay in the parking lot of the city’s hospital and the second on Portland Street, about two miles away. While the C50 left the city on the road, the fatal accident for the man behind the wheel of the vehicle (apparently on the run).

Superintendent of Police Scotland, Chief Superintendent of Police Farooq Hussain said, “There are bandh conditions in some areas and we are working to establish the circumstances of the incident.” The alarm went off and reached the hospital regularly.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and other local and British politicians condemned the “horrific” episode, saying they were close to the victims.

Last summer, an African asylum seeker came across a host of refugees at a Glasgow hotel and then a case of fatal stabbing, which was later linked to mental disorders by the police.

(Unioneonline / vl)

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