Stanley Cup Final Game score score: Lightning Outlast Stars in OT Romance, leads 1-1 series

Stanley Cup Final Game score score: Lightning Outlast Stars in OT Romance, leads 1-1 series

The Tampa Bay Lightning took a 3-1 series commanding lead in the Stanley Cup final against the Dallas Stars on Friday. KP Shatankerk was the hero in overtime as he fired the game-winner who gave the Lightning a power-4 (B score X score) victory with a power play goal.

Dallas took a quick 2-0 lead in the first period, not by repeated attacks on goals, but by a pair of face-off winners. This kind of approach was what kept the Stars in the game even though their lead evaporated and turned into a deficit. Eventually their winning face turned into more chances on goal and, for the first time in the series, they were shooting at a comparable rate like lightning.

Joe Pewalski tied a shot from the right side of the net, making a break late in the third period from the fourth goal to send the game into overtime. The ice opened up for both teams as Corey Perry and Braden Point were sent to the Bucks for hooking and simulation, respectively, to start the extra frame. The main call came in just five minutes during the overtime period, as Jamie Benn was called in to kick the skate under Timer Johnson – this was the explanation the Stars player caught giving Ben to argue with the officer.

Lightning, who scored two of his four regulatory goals from Power Plays, were in the lead position to take the game, and they did just that. Shatankirk fired one from the right side of the net to send Anton Khudobin in a panic to win.

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For the first time since 2004, the MPA needs to win one more game to win the Stanley Cup. Dal Dal Las, whose fairy tale Postsen made it to the finals in the first place, is on the verge.


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