Starred Chef Opens First Restaurant Inside a Whiskey Distillery: It’s the Oldest in Scotland

Starred Chef Opens First Restaurant Inside a Whiskey Distillery: It's the Oldest in Scotland

The Michelin Guide, which has always been the enogastronomic reference for gourmets and gourmands, has been able to surprise in recent years by choosing “unusual” restaurants worthy of its recognition, despite having always been assigned the stars with great consistency for decades. think of Harwood Arms, a pub located in London, or for the romantic story of Ran Jai Faye, Seventy-Year-Old Chef Starred Street Food Jai Faye,

These unconventional stars have given great importance to a recent innovation, the recruitment of chefs Mark Donald ,No. 1 Michelin Star in Edinburgh at The Balmorley) From the glanturetta in Perthshire, to manage him The first gourmet restaurant located in a Scottish whiskey distillery.

NS glenturate Was bought by Swiss entrepreneur in 2019 hansjorg vice And yes silvio danzo, head of luxury goods company lalique group, which already boasts of various investments in the catering sector, such as Villa René Lalique, two Michelin star restaurants and hotels in Alsace, and one Michelin star restaurants and hotels Chateau Lafourie-Parague a board.

what sir Mark Donald he cut his teeth stravagin, a popular restaurant in his hometown of Glasgow, before embarking on an experience Rent of Copenhagen. He later spent two years at a two-star Michelin restaurant. Andrew Fairley Ali Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire, before moving to London to work at Two-Star hibiscus,

After spending four years as a chef in a restaurant bentley In Sydney, Donald returned to Scotland in 2018 to take control of the No. 1 kitchen at Balmoral, where he retained his Michelin star. ,The distillery has a long history and it has been an exciting time to infuse it with new and innovative ideas. So far, working closely with local producers and suppliers has been wonderful; Together with our team, we have managed to create a contemporary and inspiring menu wrapped in the genuine Scottish hospitality for which The Glenturret is already renowned, Donald said.

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NS glenturate, Scotland’s oldest operating distillery, was formerly the home of famous complaint experience, a center open to visitors and enthusiasts, managed by Eddington, including the owner of some single malts highland park I macallan,

while the field Guided Tours of Scottish Distilleries Attracting a record 2.16 million visitors in 2019, the region’s restaurants are often regarded as less qualitative than those found in main wine tourism areas, such as Bordeaux or the Napa Valley. Restaurant Glenturate Lalique It will be inaugurated in early summer, after the resumption of scheduled visits 26 April,



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