Steelers on Cowboy score: Ben Rothlisberger hits Mount Comeback injury, Pittsburgh unbeaten

Steelers on Cowboy score: Ben Rothlisberger hits Mount Comeback injury, Pittsburgh unbeaten

This is the reason they play games, according to evidence, of how the Pittsburgh Stilters barely saved themselves by back-to-back brawls with the Dallas Cowboys – a narrow 24-19 win in Arlington, Texas. Despite entering the mighty Steelers as 14.5-point underdogs, the Cowboys largely shut down an opponent who was predicted to lay down and die. Instead, just the day before, named as a starter, Garrett Gilbert (overall) showed timely money and much-needed escape capability – both Ben Rothlisberger and the full Steelers running the back unit in the first half. .

Things began to fall apart for him in the second half, however, they did the exact opposite for Rothlisburger, but it is his defense, he can largely thank for the win, especially the safety Minka Fitzpatrick.

Surprisingly, it also shows the generally tolerated cowboy defense, if not for the back-breaking penalty in the fourth quarter, which helped push the Steelers to victory in the game, which hit the expected blow. One of the best games of Week 9. Gilbert was impressive and not so much, as the Steelers went with both an 8-0 record and a bit of humility – almost the biggest discomfort of 2020.

Why the Steelers won

That’s not how you get started. That’s how you end up.

The latter is what separates select teams from those who aren’t, and the Stilters proved that yet again in Week 9 they weren’t expected to fight anyone with the Cowboys, especially considering they were loading themselves. All stages of the game when Dallas are struggling to find zombies to play football on a week-to-week basis – at least from an aggressive point of view. But after seeing Gilbert move the ball downfield with the relativity behind the patchwork O-line, it was clear that the Steelers would have to wake up, and they would have to wake up. Rothlisberger suffered a knee injury late in the second quarter, but it lasted as long as he could throw four supplements toward James W. Washington’s touchdown to make a 13-6 affair (missed extra points).

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On the next Cowboy Drive, Cameron Satte forced CD Lamb into the arm of Minkah Fitzpatrick (who also had a game-changing pass like a game-changing obstacle and a clock-wound knee), and similarly, the Steelers scored 10 points.

Although both were slow to start at the beginning, they were torn at the end of both parts, as to how you wouldn’t be … well, you know the rest.

Why the Cowboys lost

The Cowboys need to consider Gilbert starting quarterback from here, because that’s not the reason they lost.

If anything, this is the biggest reason why he finally got a chance to win, but no, that doesn’t mean he was without fault. The 29-year-old saw the most action ever in his NFL career, and he showed some keys on the pass that could extend drives, and his most brutal mistake was an obstacle in Fitzpatrick’s red zone in which he ‘took the sack’ – considering Already he was embraced by Pass Rusher. The Steatars turned the field into a goal to narrow the lead to just one point (19-18) in the fourth quarter, but it is the defense that will ultimately pay the Cowboys the biggest upset of 2020.

Ironically, for most of the game, they were also almost responsible for helping deliver it, but how did you finish (ahem), and the linebackers called back-breaking penalties, Jellon Smith and Lytton Wonder eschew drive that The resulting defensive back Saivion Smith turned into a human obstacle by a tight end Eric Abron – who gave the Steels the first and only lead of the game.

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Gilbert arranged a game-winning drive to eliminate almost all, but Fitzpatrick had other ideas, including knocking out a T-T walk walk-kn fan to end the competition. And so it was, the Cowboys did more than enough to give the Steels their first loss of the season, but enough to make sure it didn’t really happen (like picking field targets on two different fourth-inch conditions).


Stop me if you’ve heard this before: All Minkah does Fitzpatrick plays. This barrier helped close the coffin on the Cowboys, adjusting it to lock itself on the final drive.

Play the game

Eric Abro left Sefian Smith to graze on the turf for what would be a touchdown obstacle to win the game.


“There is no moral victory here. We are here to win football games.” – by Ezekiel Elliott, John Machota Athletic

What’s next

The Cowboys lick their wounds every 10 weeks, while the Steelers go home to prepare for the rival Bengals.

Catch all the highlights and more from Nail Bitter at AT&T Stadium in the live blog below.


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