Steven Gerrard could become Scottish champion with Rangers – Sport

Steven Gerrard could become Scottish champion with Rangers - Sport

Steven Gerrard knows a thing or two about loyalty, having spent his entire football life at a club: 17 years at Liverpool FC, that is genuine loyalty, and so Gerrard swiped himself at Chelsea FC last week Gave permission. Those responsible were sacked coach Lampard as coach, a longtime associate of Gerrard’s English national team: “Chelsea missed a great chance to show solidarity and support him when things went well , “Gerrard said,” instead he left her. ” – But that’s how you know it from them, I’m not surprised. “

Gerrard’s striking words were amazing because he is not really a big blower type. For her, it was more and more about action, and anyone who has followed her career to the end of her career finds that 40-year-old Steven Gerrard is currently doing very well. Since 2018 he has been coaching the Rangers in Glasgow, a club like Liverpool that has great history behind it – and, like the “Reds” in England, had to wait a long time for the moment: to finally wait for years After the title ready.

It is ironic in Gerrard’s career that despite all the dedication, he never won the Premier League with his heart club Liverpool. The club only won the championship again when Gerrard was gone – last year under coach Jürgen Klopp. So, if the sky doesn’t suddenly crash on Earth, Gerrard’s first first championship should now come – as a coach with the Rangers.

The 54-time Scottish champion already has a stunning 23-point lead over rivals Celtic from everlasting city, who can barely even pass with two open catch-up games. The architect of this success, Gerrard has built a new home for himself abroad.

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This is a very spectacular feat, because with a goal difference of 66: 7, the Rangers are currently not only the best defensive of all leagues in Europe, but also the best offensive. Of course, Scotland’s football is not the first division in terms of quality, but something is happening in the country: the national team has qualified for the European Championship for the first time since 1996, and Celtic will have nine years of dominance in the league. broken. Traditional Catholic clubs Celtic and the more Protestant Rangers have been fighting for the title since 1985. At the moment, many observers – moreover who are sticking with Celtic – are happy about the slight change.

As a coach, Gerrard promotes what he learned from greats like Hollier and Benitez in Lovepool

Gerrard likes to describe his work as an “ongoing process”. He is in the process of going outside a lot after crashing into the Rangers’ fourth division due to bankruptcy. As soon as possible, he was promoted again, in 2016 the “Gers” made their way to the top division.

Development work, first and foremost, was and is essential: “The team has priority,” said Gerrard at the end of the year on Club TV, “It would have to be competitive at all levels in the long term.” But he was also interested in training at the club’s own academy, he insisted, and the entire environment: “Ibrox Park”, the venerable Rangers Stadium, is to be modernized soon, and Gerrard is also committed to the cabin and training center. Seasoning

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He preaches exactly the same, Gerard says, from what he himself learned from great Liverpool coaches such as the recently deceased Gerard Hulier or Rafael Benitez: “Some coaches complicate everything,” he knows. ” I obviously like to say what I expect. ” With his authority, Gerrard promotes a sense of solidarity in the club. And in his authentic way he manages to implement ideas. The Rangers play fast-paced, a lot comes from a strong midfield – like footballer Gerrard once did.

As goalkeeper Alan McGregor, 38, or Steven Davis, 36-year-old internationally, brings professionalism and leadership skills, with captain James Tavernier currently the most dangerous defender in Europe: 15 hits and 17 assists, as a full-back! Up-and-coming professionals gave birth to aggressors, such as director Ianis Hagi (son of Romanian football icon Gheorgi Hagi) or offensive racer Ryan Kent, whom Gerrard still knows from Liverpool. And so that the cast can have fun from the front, an old friend of the Bundesliga also looks back: the 32-year-old, Berlin native, Leon Balogun, who was once active in Bremen, Düsseldorf and Mainz.

Of course, with the current success, Gerrard is pursuing his own coaching career. Their contract in Glasgow lasts until 2024, by which time they can aim to return home with the latest reputation. Gerrard talks openly about his ambitions, recently telling the magazine Athletic: “Would I like to be Liverpool’s coach one day? Is this a dream? Yes, absolutely! The club means everything to me.” Current Liverpool coach Klopp, with whom Gerrard is in close contact, knows that: “I help him whenever I can,” Klopp recently said casually, “if you ask me who my successor is. Should be, then I’d say: Steve! ” By the way, Klopp’s contract on the moose expires in 2024.

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