“Stone of Destiny” will find its real place in Scotland

“Stone of Destiny” in the middle of Scotland’s Honors inside Edinburgh Castle.

A little Christmas exists before the hour for Scots. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced on 23 December that the famous ‘Stone of Destiny’ would remain in Scotland and – in practice – return to its original location in Perthshire.

This is historical news, the “Stone of Destiny” will find its native land in Perthshire (Central Scotland). Nicola Sturgeon announced that there would be a new museum on the history of the city of Perth and a central piece of this stone. The museum will open in 2024. The decision for this transfer was taken by the four in-charge commissioners. Protecting the insignia and advising the queen on all stone-related matters, Including the Prime Minister. he said: ” After careful consideration, the commissioner was satisfied that the Perth Town Hall proposals fully took into consideration the need to ensure the safety and preservation of the stone, its access to the general public, and that this would be an important cultural art from display. Way to honor with. “

This stone has a high symbolic and historical value for the Scots. It was used during the coronation of the Scottish kings at Scone Abbey, not far from Perth. But in 1296, King Edward I of England brought him back to England. It was installed under the throne of the English kings in Westminster Abbey, a symbol derogatory to Scotland. Since 1996 it has been kept as a loan from the monarchy inside Edinburgh Castle.

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On December 25, 1950, there was a little adventure in La Pierre. Four Scottish nationalist students managed to steal it from Westminster Abbey and hide it from the noses and beards of British officers for months, despite it being the largest maneuver ever made. Then leave it to another symbolic landmark of the independence of Scotland, and Arboth Abbey of surrender.


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