Strictly Cum Dance: Bill Bailey raises the spirits in lockdown with ‘Favorite Ever’ dance

Strictly Cum Dance: Bill Bailey raises the spirits in lockdown with 'Favorite Ever' dance

If you are experiencing lockdown frustrations, there seems to be only one simple and immediate cure …

The answer is, strictly watching Bill Bailey on such a dance.

Fans fell in love with the comedian’s performance on Saturday (November 14) night, which he broke up with his dance partner and finally Strackley winner OT Mabus.

Sugar was kicked out of old school by a 55-year-old man, running some funky sounds from the 1980 hit ‘A Rapper’s Joy’ by The Sugar Hill Gang.

The show’s official Twitter page described it as an “epic routine” that is “one of the hardest for history books ever.”

Before the performance, the star’s tweet, which garnered more than 15,000 likes, said: “OT Mabus and I looked sharp before tonight’s dance to the rapper’s delight.

“The beat doesn’t stop until the morning break!”

Bill and OT’s dance received full marks from Judge Shirley Ballas, as well as nine from Anton du Beck (Judge’s Special Stand for Saturday’s Performance) and eight from Craig Ravel Horwood.

The presenter took the couple to second place behind Clara Ampho and her partner Aljak ž Kornek.

We can’t deny it, the performance definitely makes us smile, and it feels like the spirits of other fans watching at home are excited.

One viewer said: “Bill Bailey is the first person to put a smile on my dial today! Absolutely brilliant dance!”

“I loved Bill Bailey’s dance, put a smile on my face for sure,” another tweeted.

OT Mabus won the show last year with former Emmerdale actor Calvin Fletcher

One fan said, “Bill Bailey’s dance was hard to watch until I felt death all day and now I feel good, what a blue.”

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“He basically saved my life #SimpleteHeast everything,” one added.

Fans were so impressed with Bill’s dance, one person even said: “I think Bill Bailey is a #structural dance.”

And one fan pleaded: “Anyone who hasn’t been watching વર્ષેbbcstricly this year, please watch another Bailey’s dance if nothing else.

“Bloom is the coolest!”

Dance Bill Bailey strictly again next Saturday (November 21) at 7.10pm.


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