Studying abroad, an Imperia graduated with honors in Scotland

Benedetta Giribaldi

Imperia. study abroad An increasingly frequent choice among young Italians and studying in Scotland was an option (until Brexit) for European students was also convenient given the absence of university fees. a choice made by Benedetta GiribaldiMILF Young Imperise Joe, After graduating from the Liso Classico in Imperia, first went to Wales for a year as a family pair to deepen her English language skills and then a glasgow to subscribe For Master’s degree course in Social Work (Social Service). And that too a few days ago He graduated with honours.

¬ęGraduation News – says Benedetta – caught up with me when i’m here holiday, by post, without official delivery, without academic ceremony, Unfortunately, in this time of covid, they have unfortunately stopped me from “feeling” the finish line solemnly and to celebrate it with his colleagues with cape and touch as was used UK”.

girl from Imperia while studying Worked in a center for disabled adults Spending the weekend assisting disabled or disabled elderly people with all of their needs, to relieve their family from paying all maintenance costs. He also volunteered for a student support line, a kind of “friendly phone”, helps many of them overcome difficult times. you might miss them too International Connectivity in Tanzania Along with a month of volunteer work, some local newspapers also spoke as a university in the first summer, to teach the basics of first aid to local schoolchildren.

“My essay – telling – He dealt with the subject of art therapy in people with dementia were inspired by the work I did at Chenille and Alzheimer’s and Center People with Disabilities where I worked to support myself in my studies. I am very satisfied because Thesis supervisor asked me if I could collaborate to deepen the university Issues touched upon by my studio and the social service center where I interned As a social worker of many underprivileged families, he provided me the opportunity work with them”.

Benedetta’s future will, perhaps, be far from Imperia, from which even bad school memories keep her away – as did her other classmates, who came out high-heeled with low self-esteem and then brilliantly Graduated with full marks from At many universities – they gave it little importance, but were genuinely convinced that it was of little value: “Teachers are not always also teachers who positively mark the cultural and human formation of children and classmates, friends whom you can count on, but life holds wonders for those who have talent, tenacity and discipline” .

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