Stunning pictures of Bonfire Night in Merseyside over the years

Stunning pictures of Bonfire Night in Merseyside over the years

Things will be very different this year, but these photos capture how we celebrate

The Bonfire Night celebrations will not go ahead as planned this year due to lockdown restrictions and the ongoing epidemic denying any public gatherings.

Wrapping up and combining to see beautiful fireworks displays is usually a highlight of the year for many, but this year the usual mass celebration may not go ahead.

The second lockdown took effect at 00.01am on Thursday, November 5 – but many local officials across the country canceled their fireworks displays just before the announcement.

With no doubt in the minds of many of us celebrating, we decided to take a look at the timing of how we were marking the event years later.

The Bonfire Knight, or Guy Fawkes Night, has a long history and is one that many of us fondly remember from our childhood.

In recent years, we have had the behavior for public spectacles and large exhibitions, but going back a few decades, the celebrations have become smaller-scale and more local.

From the planned events to marking the occasion with a small sparkler, we all had our own way of marking the occasion.

Here we take a look at some stunning archive photos of old fireworks displays in Merseyside.

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