Support for independence finds high record, poll

Support for independence finds high record, poll

Never before has a Scottish independence survey yielded such results. A majority scots (58%) now say they are in favor of their field of attaining independence from Britain, according to a survey published by the Ipsos Morris Institute.

The survey conducted in early October among 1,045 Scots also shows public satisfaction with Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP). 72% of the respondents approve their management of the Kovid-19 epidemic.

Political training takes place today In a strong position before local elections in May 2021. The SNP can win several seats in the decentralized Parliament of Holyrode, an assembly responsible for making its decisions on education, health and transportation.

If the party wins the majority of seats in these local elections, the survey suggests that “there will be.” Significant public pressure “The powers required to conduct a second referendum on the independence of Scotland, to move the Parliament of Scotland to the Parliament of Scotland”, explains Emily Gray, Managing Director of Ipsley Mori Scotland.

A referendum on independence Was already held in 2014. The Scots voted 55% to retain their territory within the United Kingdom. Since then, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reiterated the possibility of a new referendum, arguing that it is a vote that comes “once in a generation”.

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