“Taking Action Against New Kovid”

The mutation of coronavirus that spreads with great ferocity in London and South-East England is frightening. After hearing the advice of virologists and fellow ministers, Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson had to take drastic measures, announcing a strict lockout for the capital and neighboring counties yesterday and thus returning with the slogan “stay home”. Stay at home “, as the risk of getting sick is increasing rapidly. In the event of an emergency, the World Health Organization (WHO) was immediately warned and replaced the British alert system with a new, even more severe level of construction. Gaya, called “Tier 4” (which is added to the other three. Existing), and applies to millions of people living in the metropolis and in large southern and eastern parts of the country.

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This “cancellation” turns into Christmas, as the media across the channel has already titled, and above all, many of His Majesty’s subjects will have to forget the waiver of sanctions given by the Prime Minister in recent times , Who was forced to return, once again. The announcement came at a press conference in Downing Street. “The virus’s version spreads faster than the previous one – Johnson declared – with no evidence of being more fatal, leading to more serious diseases, or the fact that the vaccine is less effective”. However, Johnson immediately specified what he meant by “fast broadcasting capacity”: we’re talking 70% more than the known and contested variants so far. A percentage that is reflected in the alarming number of infections transmitted by the Prime Minister.

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Infection in the Kingdom from Kovid recorded in the last 24 hours was more than 27,000 compared to 27,500 yesterday, while the number of victims has increased to 534 compared to 489. Premier stressed that although the virus type is concentrated in ‘Tier 4’ regions, it still exists throughout the national territory. “We should sacrifice this Christmas to be able to others in the future,” he insisted, aware, and has said it many times, to signal “with a heavy heart” that surely millions of Britons Will disappoint to celebrate with his loved ones.

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Apart from staying at home with few exceptions (work and education), the new ‘Tier 4’ measures provide for a ban on meeting more than one person in public outdoor spaces; Abroad is not permitted except in exceptional circumstances, while shops selling non-essential items, as well as indoor gyms and recreational facilities, are closed. These are similar measures for those introduced in England in November and will remain in force for two weeks with the expected review on 30 December. A new lockdown was also made for Wales soon after Johnson’s announcement, which was made by ‘First Minister’ Mark Drakeford. While Scotland introduces more restrictive measures for the Christmas period, with leader Nicola Sturgeon who has opted for “strict restrictions” on travel to other areas of the Kingdom. In addition, what appears to be a new lockdown is starting on December 26: meetings between families are prohibited, public spaces and non-essential shops are closed.

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During the press conference in London, Chris Whitty, head of the Health Authority in England, also spoke and described the situation in very clear and worrying terms. “We are experiencing a truly dramatic increase in the proportion of cases”, he specified, pointing the finger at the new version of Kovid. Tests conducted revealed that the mutation now appears in 59% of the infections reported in the East of England and reached a peak of 62% in London. The professor stressed that this is definitely a new “terrible” moment in the epidemic but it is not the worst, thanks to the treatment and vaccination campaign that has just begun. The variant is still being studied by scientists and is done with complete transparency with international health authorities, starting at WHO. It is up to the British to once again remain calm and move forward in their history. “Everything will be different over Easter,” he tried to reassure Johnson.

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