Tesco’s customers fear supplies will be cut off in most parts of East London as it buys bottled water.

Tesco's customers fear supplies will be cut off in most parts of East London as it buys bottled water.

Supermarket customers are scrambling to buy bottled water as most of East London’s supply has been cut off for hours.

Footage showing Frank shoppers cleaning shelves at Tesco in Laytonstone went viral Tuesday evening, with thousands still unable to access the running water.

In the short clip, a man sees a man driving a trolley full of water bottles, as others around him try to clear the shelves.

The Thames and Water Tray put the problem down at 6.30am in a large water pipe bursting in the Marshes area of ​​Heck, causing extremely low pressure on the parts or no cause, My London reports.

The company has since also posted on Twitter that it will “arrange bottled water stations for the morning” – while “preferring weaker customers” – indicating that the issue will run until Wednesday.

Desperate residents are washing their hands of bottled water, while some on social media are pleading with the company to provide door delivery until the issue is resolved.

“Can you go to the homes of your affected customers tonight and fetch water?” One person wrote on Twitter.

“The shops are empty. We are in the midst of a serious epidemic and to stay well we need to flush our toilets and wash our hands.”

Tesco’s shelves in east London were flooded with water

Another wrote: “Not so good without warning. I can’t bathe my daughter tonight and drink tea or hot.”

Some people have also taken to selling water online by giving 1400 ml of 1400 ml of “fresh tap water” per 100 gallons in the Hamham area.

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Nine London postcodes and two readings are said to have been affected, with water chiefs assuring they have several teams working to resolve the issue.

The utilities company said in a statement on Tuesday night that it was “really sorry” for the people affected.

He went on to say that repairs were a “complex job” but “we are preparing more staff and will work as quickly as possible so that we can start repairs as soon as the damaged department is found.”

Shopkeepers fill trolleys at East London Tesco

“In the meantime, we have brought tankers to the area to rectify the situation by pouring water into our local supply network.

“We know how annoying and inconvenient this is, especially at this difficult time.

“We’re already receiving a lot of calls about this, so please ring us if it’s an emergency. We’re all trying to get things back to normal as soon as possible.”

Affected areas of East London include:

  • E6 – East Ham, Becton, Upton Park, Barking (part)
  • E7 – Forest Gate, Laytonstone (part), Stratford (part)
  • E10 – Layton, Temple Mills, Hackney’s Marshes (part), Upper Clapton (part), Walthmasto Marshes
  • E11 – Laytonstone, Wansstead, Aldersbrook (part), Snaresbrook, Ken Hall
  • E12 – Manor Park, Little Ilford, Eldersbrook (part)
  • E13 – Plato, West Ham (part), Upton Park (part)
  • E15 – Stratford, West Ham (part), Maryland, Layton (part), Laytonstone (part), Temple Mills (part), Hackney Wick (part), Bo (part)
  • E16 – Canning Town, Silvertown, Royal Docks, North Woolwich, Becton (part), Custom House
  • E20 – Olympic Park and parts of Stratford, Homerton, Layton and Bona
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