The 2019/2020 title is official for Celtic, but for the Rangers it is a cardboard scudetto

The 2019/2020 title is official for Celtic, but for the Rangers it is a cardboard scudetto

Not you in scotland Will come back to playThe championship is at a standstill and the focus is on the decision to permanently disrupt the season for a few weeks now. Now that the season is not going to find its way, it was also necessary to decide what to do with the halting and that part of the championship in early March. The most recognized hypothesis, which was under federal scrutiny, was also a definitive one: the title awarded cold to the rankings at the time. Lockdown, Who saw the benefit Celtic Glasgow.

Now that it’s official, Scotland is already celebrating And it is the green-haired fan who immediately understood the title handed to him by the office, which is another reason for revenge in the derby with the Rangers, taking advantage of momentary contradictions to exploit this irony These matters to the losing rivals. Also because Scadetto is Glasgow’s ninth consecutive title by Celtic and supporters don’t care how it came about, given the ranking, the club took first place in the Scotland Premiership with 67 points after scoring 80 points after 30 games. have done. Less conflicted with a caste). Protestant Glasgow supporters immediately defined the possibility of the title being awarded as a ‘classic on the table’.Cardboard shield‘Entrusted the former officer but did not win on the field. A Serie B win.

There was no shortage of replica by Celtic fans, who, before awaiting the verdict, awarded the title of Scottish champions 2019/2020, immediately took the opportunity to fill the opposition stadium, Ibrose Stadium with green leaves, and stickers and whites, championships Celebrating victory and 9th consecutive success. Celtic captain and flag, Scott Brown Dose also increased: “They say our name will be a title which is nothing. It’s not a problem for me, I’ll show it with pride anyway and if they want to see it and I’ll show it my trophy”

Scottish League President, Murdoch McLennan, Officially congratulated Celtic on winning the courtship Stagger this season. He said, “We would have loved to see the entire season coming to the stadium and in front of fans, but given the severe and unprecedented circumstances we are facing, this is the only viable way. The Scottish Government sanctions and deep concern For the safety of both the players who have left no option for the spectators “


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