The BBC is accused of pre-investigating Martin Bashir

The BBC is accused of pre-investigating Martin Bashir

But in his response to Mr Waller’s complaint, lawyers in the BBC’s legal proceedings department appeared to be the former judge of the outcome of Lord Dyson’s review.

Mr Waller’s lawyers have been told in a BBC letter: “Although the BBC is not able to give a full response to your client at this time, we would prefer to release that record, given Mr Bashir’s actions in mocking the documents. Not considering that it gives birth to any criminal offense. “

The letter acknowledged that the Dyson review had just begun and stressed that “it would be wrong for the BBC to prejudge any of Lord Dyson’s findings and, accordingly, it is not possible or appropriate for the BBC to give an accurate response while the investigation is ongoing.”

But the conclusion that it is not a “criminal offense” will bring outrage that the corporation appears to have made its own conclusions before the investigation proceeded properly.

Mr Lord Larry, 57, has offered to give evidence to Lord Dyson and it is believed the BBC has already reported the result or pre-judged itself before the conclusion of the investigation.

Mr Valer Lair told The Telegraph that he was a “fall man” for Mr Bashir’s fraud, whose identity had been “effectively stolen” to help the BBC get into his business.

He said it was a mystery how Mr Bashir could get to know some details about his company’s bank account which allowed him to make fun of statements, including payments to Mr Weller from News International and Sh Fashore Company.

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Mr Bashir falsely accused the statements that Mr Waller paid for a tabloid newspaper and speculated that he also received money from intelligence agencies to keep a tab on Princess Diana and her brother. “If Earl Spencer had shown him the bank statements provided by Mr Bashir, he would have told them they were fake,” he said.


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