The covid vaccine will arrive in the UK in a matter of hours, Jonathan Van-Tame said

The covid vaccine will arrive in the UK in a matter of hours, Jonathan Van-Tame said

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam May, England’s deputy chief medical officer, confirmed that the UK would receive the vaccine “very soon”, adding that it meant “hours, not days”.

Speaking about the temperature issue in relation to the Pfizer vaccine, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer told the BBC: “Now, there is a technical issue regarding the Pfizer vaccine that we expect to get in the UK very soon, and I mean hours, not days. ”

He said it must be in minus 70C, and, when it comes out to defrost, it has to be stored in 2C to 8C.

Professor Van-Tam May said it was too early to say when the vaccine would be able to ease coronavirus restrictions.

Deputy Chief Medical, “If we can get to a point where the NHS is managing much more normally than it does now, it gives politicians the option to think about what they can do next to make life more normal.” Deputy Chief Medical Officer told BBC Breakfast.

“It’s not my job to give you a magic number or a magic calendar date here, because it depends a lot on whether the vaccine program is accepted by the people moving forward.

“If we can get to a place where we believe these vaccines not only cure the disease, but bring asymptomatic infections to people to stop the virus from spreading, when they don’t know they’ve got it, it’s going to be a big game. Going. – Changer and big win.

“If we can go to the science that shows this is happening, it shows that we’ve got vaccines that actually weigh more than their weight and that makes it possible for us to ban them faster than anyone else. . “

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Professor Van-T said May that he had met with other regulators, particularly the U.S. Regulators do not expect to lag far behind in approving vaccines.

The deputy chief medical officer told BBC Breakfast, “I think all of this will be resolved in a matter of days, in the sense that I think other regulators are far behind.”

He said there was no indication that there would be any difficulty in vaccinating people with long-term underlying conditions.

Asked about pregnant women, he said that none of these tests intentionally included pregnant women, but there were also women who tried to volunteer and then became pregnant.

He said producers would follow these women and their children in their early years, adding: “So, from that point of view, this is covered. But, right now, do we have data on pregnant women to understand the use of any of these vaccines in pregnant women? No, we don’t.

“Does JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization) suggest that pregnant women should be vaccinated? No, it’s not, and it’s not a sign that JCVI, or I, have seen a terrible problem.

“This is a clear indication that we do not have data at this time and therefore, before security, always be vigilant, even if there is no problem.

“Still, always before safety.”

Professor Van-T has recently spoken at a recent press conference about his hobby for metaphors after gaining a reputation for using it.

He told BBC Breakfast: “I like metaphors. I think it brings complex stories to life for people. That’s great. “

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Professor Wen-T asked me who was the first person to approve the vaccine from UK Pfizer and Bioentech, and said:

“I started focusing behind the scenes on vaccines and getting vaccine readiness back in March – just before the creation of the Vaccine Taskforce, which has been fairly bright.”

He added: “It all started with a conversation with Sir Patrick Vallens, the government’s chief scientific adviser, and the word we are on the front foot makes it clear that we needed vaccines as soon as possible, safely and securely.

“And our regulator MHRA has just been marvelous in this space and has taken unprecedented steps to see the data sooner, and that’s why we’re where we are.”

He also said that producers have “moved at a real pace”.


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