The Debenhams website has not been working since the Christmas sale began

The Debenhams website has not been working since the Christmas sale began

The Debenhams website is not working for some users in the UK, as the store struggles to cope with the demand for its Christmas sales.

Debenhams is preparing for its last-ditch Christmas hit after a last-ditch effort to save the ailing department store from collapsing on Tuesday morning.

JD Sports, which was instructed to rescue the 242-year-old department store, said it now collapsed after Debenhams’ વર્ષે 75 million annual Arcadia.

And tonight’s online shoppers are disappointed as the website continues.

Current queue on the website

Many users are getting the message: “Sorry for waiting, we are using virtual queue right now due to extraordinary demand.

“We will take you to the site as soon as possible.

“Thank you for your patience.”

Shopkeepers are then told that the wait should not exceed half an hour.

Responding to a shopkeeper on Twitter, a Debenhams spokesman said: “We are very popular right now and are experiencing technical issues with our website.

“We have identified this issue and are working hard to resolve it. Thank you – Loren.”

The chain is now preparing for 70 per cent of its pre-Christmas clearance in anticipation of last sales in its remaining 124 stores.

The company said it would continue street and online trading with a fire sale of its shares when England’s national lockdown ends tomorrow.

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Debenhams will continue to trade online through its 124 UK stores and to clear its current and contracted stocks, a statement said.

Dubbed ‘Wild Wednesday’, December 2, has been designated as one of the busiest shopping days of the year, as retailers return from a lockdown with a new 24-hour trade to recoup m 900 million lost in a single day as a result of covid. -19 Restrictions.

Images inside Debenhams on Ox Oxford Street show stock ready to sell at a cut price, as restructuring firm Hilco prepares to beat the company.

Shopkeepers are being urged to spend on gift cards and return any unwanted goods by the end of 2020.

News Shoppers: Debenhams is preparing for its last ever Christmas hit Debenhams is preparing for his last Christmas blow so far

Hilco said the UK would “shut down” if no new offers were made.

The worst day for retail comes after the epidemic hit, with more than 20,000 jobs at risk in less than 24-hours.

Arcadia, which launched the announcement of the latest Debenhams, risked redundancy to 13,000 workers on Monday night as it crashed into a risky administration of 444 stores.


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