The development journey focuses on Scotland and Ireland

The development journey focuses on Scotland and Ireland

Journey of development Invests on Ireland I Scotland With two thematic portals dedicated to it and the restraint of a new reference consultant, Chiara Porati, who boasts a strong expertise in the region of Northern Europe, with a specialized knowledge of a wide variety of experiences, living in two unique areas Like Ireland and Scotland. Different proposals will be associated at the heart of the development of new products, for example, for Fly & Drive, the perfect travel formula to better enjoy the mix between nature and culture that makes the islands of Scotland and Ireland exceptional. Larger space, of course, will reduce the maximum number of participants for group visits and special holidays will be reserved on the basis of experiential offers, which also reflect the great desire for freedom and freedom of those who decide to travel in the coming months. Keep in mind. .

Along with dedicated work for new travel opportunities, Chiara Porati and Vikas Yatra employees will pay great attention to the revision of all proposals to bring them alive in the name of safety, both logically and in compliance with anti-rigid protocol concerns. for. . COVID-19.

“With great satisfaction and enthusiasm, I launched this new challenge within the Evolution Travel Network. With management for some time we have been looking at further enhancing the portals of Ireland and Scotland and we have decided to follow the desire to do so to prepare for the upcoming tours. Both these destinations are perfect! Both for the large, largely populated places that mark them and the rigorous attention they have been devoting for months to security protocols and to their tourist proposal as a function of a new way of experiencing it To reconsider “, Comments Chiara Porrati, Development Travel Product Reference Consultant for Scotland and Ireland.

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“We are really happy to be able to kick off this new project with a figure like Chiara Porati, which in our business model, is flexible, focused on technology and on a networking plan, ideal to capitalize on Reference is found. Deep knowledge of the great north of Europe. Despite the current landscape of tourism there are no short-term prospects for large flows involving foreign destinations, we strongly believe in the potential of Scotland and Ireland and we decided to play further Is, dedicating new and substantial resources, “ Evolution concludes with Carmine de Meo, head of the travel product programming department.


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