The English foreign press did not take it well, while in Scotland they are still celebrating Italy.

The English foreign press did not take it well, while in Scotland they are still celebrating Italy.

The foreign press praised some aspects of Italy-England, and in particular Mancini’s team, After 53 years there were great celebrations with the champions of Europe and The National newspaper in Scotland, titled “Front Page”.it’s coming to rome“Taking a good pebble out of their boots against the British. Scottish fans in Glasgow dressed in Italian shirts to celebrate against historic foes, the British, a revenge they eagerly awaited after being sent home from England .

Between foreign press and celebrations in Scotland for Italy-England

The sordid behavior of the British, who were already celebrating the achievement of such an important milestone, made this victory for Italy even more pleasant for the Scots, despite any superstition. Hence an additional contribution after taking note today morning From Cheating about Italian fans being beaten by the British at Wembley.

In Scotland the foreign press laughs, while in France and Spain they congratulate us. The Englishman is crying. Whereas, from the major cities of Scotland Edinburgh and Glasgow, Without disregarding the various pubs decorated with our tricolour, there were many Scottish fans who wore Italy shirts over Scottish shirts.

Returning to the foreign press and the Italy-England approach, a few days earlier The National had dedicated the front page to Roberto Mancini and his Italy, as the only hope of defeating the British and being able to prevent England from being able to Was seen. win euro 2020 Corriere dello Sport gives us a good Analysis.

The overwhelming majority of Scots cheered the Azurri and we saw it in the final parade of donnarumma, when not only Italians celebrated all over the world, but also in Scotland there was a real boom.

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Mancini’s Italy was able to save the honor of the Scots and the greatest achievement was to defeat them at the Temple of Football at Wembley, where instead all the Englishmen prepared to celebrate England’s victory. A blow that made Scottish fans even more rejoicing, Especially those with a deep free heart.

Let Mancini have many more admirers from Italy who were not exclusively of Italian nationality and this fills us with even more pride. A national team that has truly united everyone and created the history of international football. Of course, If the Scottish foreign press is happy, there is little Daily Mail in England, as in the photo at the beginning of the article.

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