‘The epitome of mansplaining’: a mockery of Scotland’s male commissioner for free toiletries – Panorama – Society

'The epitome of mansplaining': a mockery of Scotland's male commissioner for free toiletries - Panorama - Society

Joke after joke is made: The Scottish region of Tyside elicited malicious and abusive responses on Wednesday when a man was appointed the first representative for Menstrual Articles.

The Regional Council tasked Jason Grant from Dundee to promote access to free toiletries in schools and universities.

“It’s just ridiculous,” tennis star Martina Navratilova commented on the appointment on Twitter. “Have we ever tried to teach men how to shave or how to take care of their prostate?” He asked. “this is absurd”.

Grant’s appointment as a period dignity officer came two days after Scotland was internationally acclaimed as the first country in the world to have access to free toiletries.

From Monday, city administrations and educational institutions are legally bound to provide menstrual items such as tampons and pads for free.

Less knowledge of the subject reminds men of

Gina Davidson of Scottish radio station LBC said that filling a man’s position is “the epitome of mansplaining” – situations in which men, despite their little knowledge, feel they have to explain something to women.

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Davidson was responding to a photo of Grant talking to a woman and her daughter about menstrual products.


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