The EU flag will continue flying in Scotland

The EU flag will continue flying in Scotland

Scottish authorities have decided to display star-spangled banners on their buildings during 2021. A “pathetic” approach to the London press, as local legislative elections should be important to the nation’s future.

31 January 2020, Brexit Day. At the European Council headquarters in Brussels, the British flag completely leaves its 27 comrades in front of a flock of photographers. Head to the closet. Not far from there, Europe’s star-spangled banner suffers from similar fate, in front of the UK’s permanent representation in the European Union, carefully removed from the building’s window. end of the story ? Not necessary.

More than a year after the divorce, all Scottish local government buildings will hoist the European flag on a daily basis in 2021. Instructions from the executive led by the independent Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish National Party). Worse still, the London press’s announcement: The British flag will be hoisted only once this year, on the occasion of Remembering Sunday (14 November), a day to pay tribute to the victims of World War II and the conflicts that have arisen since then. “In cases where Union Jack was present next to Saltair [le drapeau ├ęcossais], It will be replaced by the flag of the European UnionSqueaks many times.


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