The Gathering Place, a minimalist act in the Scottish landscape

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© Robert Ormerod

In the heart of the Scottish Highlands, the city of Inverness hosts a minimalist work, signed by artists Sans Falcon and architects from KHBT. artwork, meeting place, The river is designed to be a place of reconnection between the environment and the hustle and bustle of the cultural capital of the Highlands. frame “connect again The city along the river, uncovering its stories, creating a sense of belonging and access to the river”, Explain its designers. Kama is visible on the banks of the river Ness flowing from the famous Loch Ness. Curved in shape, the structure encircles part of the river, going from a simple bench to a platform, then a bridge, opening towards the river and then back to the palace to finish up to the city. The clashes coming from the construction area were built in stone. Apart from establishing a link between the river and the city, the works of art are designed in such a way as to maintain an unobstructed view of the landscape and the waterway that it does not dominate so that they remain the center of interest of the visitors. , The project makes it possible to re-think the social role of the river while combining landscape and art.

© Robert Ormerod
Meeting place on the banks of the River Ness, Inverness, Scotland© Robert Ormerod
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