The goalkeeper’s future was decided by an online poll of his fans

The goalkeeper's future was decided by an online poll of his fans

About 70 percent of Livingston fans vote in favor of Gary Malley. The survey confirms this result approximately 24 hours after its conclusion. But who is Gary Maley and where does Livingston play? Malle is a professional footballer, with the role of goalkeeper and at the age of 37 concluding his contract with Scottish premiership club, Winston. Hence, a ‘minor’ football hero, away from news and covers. But he has earned in these hours a very bizarre choice by Anglo-Saxon society. In fact, on the official Twitter account, Livingston has given its fans the fate of its number 1, with an online poll to decide whether to renew the contract or end this summer.

Result still uncertain, But more than 135,000 votes pushed Livingston fans to confirm Maxie for the next competitive season as well. A fun and special initiative that intrigued the international football world, finding a place in the main tabloids of Great Britain and beyond: “We are giving you a chance to decide on future goalkeeper @ Maley1Gary. With their contract expiring next month, we leave them in the hands of your fans, whether they extend the renewal of ‘Straight’ or not. Stay or go? You decide! “. And then two choices: “Yes, let’s offer him a renewal” and “No, let’s let him go”. This is the message that appeared on the social network that left fans mesmerized.

Male is one of the most experienced players in Livingston, And although he hasn’t been on the pitch too many times last season, he was praised by team manager Gary Holt before the pandemic stopped: “The Big Stretch was great for us helping people in many difficult moves during workouts. I have to appreciate him, he is a great person. There is nothing happier when you see these types of professionals smiling because they do their work every day. Male is an important element for us. ”


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