The Great Britain derby between England and Scotland is back: precedents

The Great Britain derby between England and Scotland is back: precedents

And this Great Britain’s Derby Excellence, what will be played between the national teamEngland and national team Scotland At the 2020 European Championships.

On paper, the English team is the preferred starting point, having a high quality squad and aware of their own technical means; boasting Harry Kane in the assault department, 12 goals in qualifying, in addition to various Greenwood, Sancho, Sterling and Rashford.

England are aware of their strength in the attack, while the biggest problem will be closing the front gate to legalize Pickford goalkeeper.

NS Scotland On the other hand, in the first game, despite the final result, it did not appear a brilliant national team, but rather worker and prudent.

He plays discreetly, but he has no idea, feels like a team’s goal is more in control, format yes smart football player Who plays in the Premier League.

Most important precedents between 2 national teams

There are many examples Even the 114 Furious Derby, some more anonymous, others are determined by the stakes in the various competitions and qualifications played.

England 48, Scotland 41, The remaining matches ended in a draw.

NS Scotland The last time won against the cousins โ€‹โ€‹of the British and “Old Enemy”In the qualifying match for the European Championships in the legendary landscape of Wembley November 1999, 1-0 Don . Result with target signed by Hutchison.

Where was the first derby in a major tournament held? 1996 When England and Scotland were once again included in the same group of European countries wembley The tension and anticipation was high.

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I three lions He had a high technical rate, but the Derby is known for having a life of its own and a history of its own. To unlock the match, however, the English Gunner’s excellence, alan shearer Joe entered the zone to beat Gorham 1-0 with a perpetual header at the start of the second half from a cross from Gary Neville.

NS Scotland He did not give up and was the most active Dury in which he got engaged for the first time Sailor And then he earned a penalty kick when he was knocked down by Adams.

He introduced himself from the disc McAllister But the Arsenal goalkeeper intervened as a champion with a big save and on the subsequent resume, comes the masterpiece: Anderton gave a great ball to gascoigne who overtook Hendry with a brilliant sombrero and smashed the goalkeeper with his right hand to beat England 2โ€“0.

finally The last challenge is 2017, for the World Cup qualifiers and ended with a pyrotechnic 2-2: England forward chamberlain At 70′, with Scottish return griffith at 87′ and 90′, then with 2-2 English lions when fully recovered Harry Kane.


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