The largest energy storage facility in Europe is being built in Scotland

The largest energy storage facility in Europe is being built in Scotland

It could take less than 10 years for Germany to close its charcoal piles and meet its electricity needs exclusively from renewable energy. Until then, however, there are still some questions to be clarified, whether all electricity is produced in this country or whether capacity is purchased from abroad, and on the other hand, how to prevent inconsistencies. Energy gains from the sun and wind.

Because the Federal Republic will also consume electricity when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing. A project in Scotland, the largest of its kind on the European continent, is now demonstrating how energy supplies can be secured again.

The Scottish “Green Battery” complex in Hunterston and Kincardin is meant to absorb excess energy from wind turbines and feed it back into the grid when needed, resulting in increased grid stability and optimizing energy management in Scotland. The plant will be inaugurated in April 2024 and so will the energy transition continuously.

Wind power and solar systems are generally less reliable than the crappy alternatives.

The two 400 MW battery systems each provide 800 MWh, meaning an additional capacity of 1,750 GWh per year is possible. Once energy is stored, it can also be distributed beyond the Scottish borders if needed, so the electricity storage system ensures greater grid stability across the UK at the same time.

The steps Scotland is taking with the new facility is hardly surprising. Even on the island, coal and gas-fired power plants are increasingly being taken off the grid, so the unreliability that sustainable alternatives bring with them must be efficiently compensated. It will be exciting to see to what extent this example can serve as a role model for other countries.

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