The Open Championship: Interesting Facts About Golf’s Oldest Tournament

With a history that dates back 160 years, there is plenty to learn about the Open Championship!

In the world of professional golf there are four major championships. In order of occurrence these are the Masters Tournament, the PGA Championship, the U.S. Open, and finally the Open Championship (also referred to as the British Open).

It is here where golf fans gather together in silent crowds, hoping that their favorite players make it to the finals and, eventually, secure one of the sport’s many highly sought-after trophies. The Big Four, as they are commonly known, take place in the spring and summer between April and May. This season of the year is unarguably the most exciting time for golf followers, as they become preoccupied with analyzing golf picks by the experts and securing a viewing spot either in person or in front of the television in order to catch all the action.

However, the oldest of the Big Four, the Open Championship, is the most prestigious of them all. Here we explore a few fascinating facts about the tournament that is deeply rich in history and golf talent.

Every Open Championship Was Held at Prestwick in Scotland Until 1925

The Open Championship was first played all the way back in 1860 where only six competitors took to the green. It was held annually at the Prestwick Golf Club until 1925 when the decision was made to share the championship with England-based locations. The tradition has continued until this day.

Harry William Vardon Holds the Record for Most Wins with Six

Harry Vardon, a professional golfer from the Channel Islands of Jersey has the most ever Open Championship wins with a total of six. He acquired this momentous accomplishment for the first time in 1896 and then again in 1898, 1899, 1903, 1911, and 1914.

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In 1907, Arnaud Massy Became the First Non-UK Native Winner

Up until Frenchman Arnaud Massy won the Open Championship title in 1907, only British-born golfers had been able to secure the victory. Even today Massy is known as one of the most talented French golfers of all time.

Nowadays, the annual tournament venue alternates from Scotland to England

The Championship Has Only Been Canceled Four Times in History

Throughout the course of its 161-year-old history, the Open Championship has only been canceled four times for extreme circumstances, two of which took place during the World Wars. The historic happenings of 2020 were also cause for the tournament’s cancelation. The most recent Open was just two months ago in July and 24-year-old Collin Morikawa won with a score of 265. The 150th edition of the Open Championship will be held at St. Andrews in July of 2022. While fans wait for the next tournament, they can enjoy a virtual experience on the green with some of the best golf games available for PC.


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