The progress of the Batfred Cup is in the hands of St. Johnstone despite the shoot-out defeat

The progress of the Batfred Cup is in the hands of St. Johnstone despite the shoot-out defeat

The progress of St. Johnstone’s Batfred Cup is in their own hands after the midweek deadlock against Dr John Nddy United.

But, the Parth men will have to get a more clinical edge if there are no difficulties in the group’s final fixer.

The Saints travel to Peterhead on Saturday knowing that Victory will book their tickets until the final 16 of the competition.

Culum Davidson’s men were huddled in Deermid Park on Tuesday evening and failed to make the desired progress.

The fixture went to a shoot-out where the efforts of Stevie May and Scott Tensor were saved while United sealed the bonus point.

Boss Davids turned his pack around and welcomed six new faces into the starting line-up.

Shawn Rooney, Culum Booth, Craig Bryson, Liam Craig, Chris Kane and Culum Hendry were approved.

But it was the more familiar face of David and others who threatened earlier.

It took him 40 seconds to unveil his classic ball roll on the edge of the classic X.

The simple but deadly piece achieved its objective and created enough space to strike at the goal.

He went for a low, guided route but goalkeeper Dennis Mehmet was able to scare quickly to catch the ball comfortably.

On the other hand, at 10 minutes, Xander Clark was watching Aarti Edwards header drift safely over the crossbar from Paul McMullan’s corner.

Hendry was then given a strong appeal for a fine for falling into the bucks under pressure from Mark Connolly.

The Saints ’frontline would be daunting to impress for the fact that the first whistle had no rare chance.

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And sitting on the recently signed Guy Melamed bench, there was a feeling that the marker needed to be put down.

The Perth Forwards, who in recent times have been able to attack with a sense of independence, have been greatly helped by the rigidity of the Rearguard.

They looked strong again in the first half of this encounter. But a moment of malpractice proved almost costly.

Skipper Jason Kerr was the man who saved his spouse’s blush with the final ditch challenge to knock MCumullan out of the next series.

Opportunity in the clear cut category was avoiding the Saints but Tanser barely digged on goal with his weak boots close to half time.

Mehmet found his corners right to make a smart stop with his outstretched legs.

These teams were already fighting for 0-0 stability this season and this cup encounter was in danger of going the same way.

Others tried to change it shortly after the break but returned unscathed.

And then the best opportunity arrived in the evening.

Kane’s neat square ball was presented to Hendry with a free hit on goal in the 52nd minute, one by one with the goalkeeper.

He looked certain to be the opener but the striker sent the ball to a high stand.

Rooney later found herself in a very advanced position and was licking her lips as the delivery of Warspoon floated to the previous post.

Wing back operated a header on goal, just to make a strong hand up to overcome the danger for Mehmet.

The turmoil of change on both sides failed to produce a winner.

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