The PS5 is available on stock as a live update and console

The PS5 is available on stock as a live update and console

Full story: Where to buy the PS5 The PlayStation 5 console goes back on sale on launch day

The PlayStation 5 console is set to return to sales today.

With stores closed for customers due to the downdown, ordering online is the only chance people have to secure one of the new PlayStations.

The first batch of pre-orders, sold in minutes, is being delivered to the door today. But the disc version of the 60 360 digital PS5 and the 450 will both be on stock today at various retailers.

The Sony PlayStation 5s and rival MicroSXF XB Series X Series X are among the most sought after Christmas 2020 gifts.

If you’re trying to buy a PS5 today, expect que que online.

Game, Curry / PC World, Amazon, John Lewis, Verry, Asada and Tesco are among the retailers that stock the PS5 on Thursday, November 19th.

Good luck!

Where to buy the PS5 on the launch day on November 19th

These retailers will stock the PS5 today. Some have confirmed when they will sell their stock.


The PS5 is expected to go on sale through the game from 9 p.m.

Order the PS5 page of the game here once they come on sale.

Curry / PC World

The PlayStation 5 console will go on sale on Thursday, November 19 at 9am, Kareena PC World confirmed in a tweet.

Chris tweeted on Wednesday: “Please remember, the PS5 console will only be available to order LINE online tomorrow at 9am. No unit will be available for in-store purchases on Thursday 19th November, please continue to check back backline for further updates.”

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Curry / Order here from PC World – expect a queue.

John Lewis

The PS5 console will go on sale today by John Lewis. The retailer did not say exactly when they would be on sale, although the queue page is now alive.

Order from John Lewis here.


The PS5 will go on sale from Amazon at 12 noon, but stock is expected to be very limited.

Order from Amazon here.

Too much

In a tweet, the highly confirmed ‘limited stock’ will be sold today ‘from mid-morning’.

On Wednesday, the very post: “PS5 Console Update-Limited Coming on Stock Launching Day

“The PS5 will launch tomorrow [Thrusday] The PS5 console will be available for ordering tomorrow [Thursday] From mid-morning. Please continue checking back online for more updates. “

The very PS5 page is here. Keep checking during the morning.


The PS5s will be sold by Asda Direct on Thursday 19 November, but the supermarket has never said exactly. Until 50.50 in the morning, there were no updates except November 19th (available for delivery by December 15th) – so keep checking all day.

Order Here from Asda.


The PS5 went on sale at 8am Tesco, here.

When ChronicleLive Morning.4. When checked at5, the page was not working, indicating that the demand is too large, or that it has sold out.


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