“The Rig”: new horror series about Scottish oil drilling platform – Amazon shoots first project in Scotland

good “The X-Files” viewers know: Oil Riggs can bring to light not only oil, but supernatural events as well. Amazon Prime Video UK now shares this conviction with the new six-part thriller “Rig” ordered.

At the center of the new format, Kishorn is the crew of the Bravo oil rig, which is on duty in the North Sea off the Scottish coast. As the crew prepares to return to the mainland, a dense fog suddenly arrives, completely enveloping the island. So the crew is completely cut off from all communication and the rest of the outside world. Although the protagonists try to find out what is behind the incident, relationships break up, new alliances are forged and faults are revealed. In the end, a confrontation awaits the team they cannot even imagine.

Production studio Wild Mercury Productions is behind “The Rig”. The script is being developed and directed by newcomer David McPherson Duty veteran John Strickland. For Amazon this is the first series project to be made in Scotland – both on a real oil rig and at the new film studio FirstStage in Edinburgh. Production is scheduled to begin in 2021. Nothing has been revealed about the cast so far.

Fully the Rig ‘is a fantastic story told in a very dramatic, very dramatic mannerGeorgia Brown, who is responsible for the European original series in Prime Video, said in a statement. [Die Serie] It asks questions about nature and the environment, and what it means to be alive and being human, which makes it particularly relevant to the world we live in today.

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