The ‘South Park’ epidemic delivers special 7-year ratings

The 'South Park' epidemic delivers special 7-year ratings

“South Park” returned special on Wednesday night with an hour-long epidemic, and the boy felt contagious to spectators.

In particular, Come Medi Central drew a total of 2.3 million viewers and received a 2.1 rating in Key 18-49 Demographic, making it the highest rated episode of “South Park” in seven years. It also represents a 168% jump from last season’s average rating, and a 178% jump over its average viewership.

Randy, who focused on last night’s episode, spoke of his role in the outbreak in COVID-19 as the ongoing epidemic presented plenty of challenges for citizens across the South, not least for people like Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan. Who all had to go back to a school where what they knew was nothing like normal.

The specialty was also adapted to the entire set of Comecom Central’s ViacomCBS sister brands, MTV, VH1, CMT, Paramount Network, TV Land, Pop Pop TV. All of those networks added 2.2 million viewers, bringing the total number of episodes to just over 4 million.

“We’re thrilled with South Park’s return and it’s clear that there was an audience,” said Chris McCarthy, president of entertainment and youth brands at ViacomCBS. “Success is the creative genius of Matt and Tray and it’s a testament to how we used our entire portfolio to tell everyone to come back – to advance it to the # 1 scripted telecast of 2020 and deliver its highest ratings in seven years.”

The series is written by the creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and produced by the administration. In fact, the duo has written, directed and edited every episode of “South Park” since it premiered two decades ago. Other EPs on “South Park” include Ann Garefino and Frank C. Including Agnon II.

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