The whale was pulled out of a groove before a military exercise

The whale was pulled out of a groove before a military exercise

Three billed whales were ejected on Thursday near Glasgow in western Scotland. He was taken to the sea.

Rescuers British diver Marine Life’s Rescue Group (BDMLR) say several boats have been used to “move slowly” to an inlet near the Fairlane Naval Base, an inlet near the Falklein Naval Base.

«Rescuers have formed a barrier with boats to prevent animals from going in the wrong direction“, Said the group of rescuers, who posted several photos on Twitter.

Military exercises

Rescuers performed this exercise to protect the cheetahs. Indeed, a military exercise in which thousands of NATO troops, British soldiers and other international units must participate is scheduled for the coming days.

«We recently realized that a major military exercise was scheduled to begin next week, and since whales are particularly sensitive to underwater sounds, we were concerned about the impact on animals.“, Explained the rescue team, who work in consultation with the defense and the local population.

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