The whole of Hampshire could be in Tier 2

The whole of Hampshire could be in Tier 2

The whole of Hampshire will be in Tier 2 after today’s review.

The central government is going to review the tire system today.

It arrives on December 2, with Southampton, Portsmouth and the rest of Hampshire being subjected to high-level restrictions in Tier 2.

This means that seating inside the house is prohibited but people can get outside after the six-person rule.

The result of the tire system review is due to be announced today.

But Hampshire County Council leader CL Keith Mans said: “I think speaking in general at the moment – although we’ll have to wait a little longer for it to be confirmed – is likely to be an entity in Tier 2. Partition. It’s the direction of the journey but we haven’t got a final decision on that. ”

Hampshire has a weekly infection rate of 89.7×100,000, Southampton has an infection rate of 79.2×100,000 and Portsmouth has a weekly infection rate of 174×100,000.

Cllr Mans said he was talking to civic leaders in Portsmouth and added: “We hope we can all stay in the same tire if possible from a security standpoint.”

During a public meeting yesterday, civic leaders stressed that Hampshire districts and cities are interconnected.

The weekly rate of infection for England is currently 173×100,000 while the South East rate is 197×100,000 and the Isle of W White is 11.3×100,000.

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