The world’s shortest road measures 2 meters, and is located in Scotland

The shortest road in the world measures 2 meters, and is located in Scotland

Lovers of “minimalism” will not miss the news aboutshortest highway in the world, which is located in Romania and is one meter long, is a symbolic provocation in protest against one of the least developed motorway networks in Europe.

And what about ordinary roads instead? The shortest road in the world (which is not provocative this time but actually exists and is recorded in the Guinness World Records) is located in Scotland and is 2 meters and 5 centimeters as confirmed. daily Mail. Basically, it takes an average man about three steps to walk from top to bottom.

located on the street Vicky, a Scottish town of about 7,000 inhabitants in the Highland region, and is entirely occupied by a single building: the entrance to the Mack’s Hotel, at number 1 (the first and last of the street).

The hotel’s website explains the origins of the extraordinary street, revealing that the hotel was built in 1883 by the wealthy Alexander Sinclair upon his return to Scotland from America.

According to reports, the local council at the time ordered Sinclair to “put a name on the short end of the building as they believed it.
overlooking a street”. In fact, the building – to simplify – has the shape of a piece of cake, with the entrance exactly at the tip. From 1887 Ebenezer Place, the street name, began to appear in city registers.

Today, Google Maps shows how it merges with Union Street. But despite appearing in city records since 1887, it was not until October 28, 2006 that the road was finally declared the shortest in the world by Guinness World Records.

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According to the hotel, Guinness World Records editor-in-chief Craig Glenday had to “fight storms and storms” to go to the Vic and take measurements to formalize the record.

After “50 hours and several detours”, (which means you’ll have to be convinced to decide to make a trip there) he arrived and officially measured the road, declaring a world record in just over an hour.

The hotel door, which overlooks Ebenezer Place, is at the same time the entrance to “N°1 Bistro”, so named according to the subtle length of the street of which it is the only address.

The hotel’s co-owner, Ellie Lamont, who runs the venue with her husband Murray, told MailOnline Travel that she has had many guests – despite the challenging journey – come to the hotel infatuated with the original world record.

“There are also those who know nothing about the record, but who – once informed – are interested and interested. On the other hand, despite knowing the story very well, when they enter the They appear, they can’t believe their eyes. Finally, there are those who come to ask where the shortest road in the world is, not realizing that they have it at their feet. Below “.


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