They find their cat missing ten years ago

They find their cat missing ten years ago

In Scotland, a couple found their cat that had been missing for 10 years. The animal chip identified it.

Earlier this month a Scottish couple found their cat ten years after it went missing. The reunion between the owners and Furball was very dynamic.

photo credit: SSPCA

Ten years ago, Neil and Lucy Henderson experienced a real nightmare when their Conversation Forbes disappeared after their daily walk. Faced with this situation, they made every effort to find him, in vain.

“Our friend made posters and we went door to door. We asked people to check the garage and shed as we thought it might be locked inside. After eight-nine months we realized that perhaps the worst had happened.”, Neil told the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA).

photo credit: Neil Henderson

After long months of searching, Henderson has lost hope of seeing his four-legged companion again: “We were upset (…) We had such a special bond. He was such a unique and likeable character. We love it.”.

The couple had no idea that ten years later a miracle would happen: “While I was on the highway my wife called and she told me I had to stop. I was surprised to learn that Forbes had been discovered”Neil said.

a moving meeting

A few days ago, a stray cat was captured by the SSPCA in Aberdeen, a port city in the north-east of Scotland. Association veterinarians found that the animal had been bitten. The device information allowed the quadruple to be identified. It was actually Forbes.

Unexpectedly, Neil and his wife rushed to pick him up and hug him: “We traveled to Aberdeen the next day (…) I recognized him immediately. Forbes has given me a big hug so I hope he remembers us Neil said.

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photo credit: SSPCA

After the reunion, the couple emphasized the importance of the microchip for the animals.


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