This charming little island in Scotland is looking for a keeper to watch… Sheep Fence

This charming little island in Scotland is looking for a keeper to watch... Sheep Fence

This small piece of land of 2.7 km², surrounded by 21 km of dry stone walls, is part of which archipelago? orkney North ofScotland. But the fence, built in the 19th century by the island’s inhabitants to protect the sheep, is being weakened by waves and gusts of wind. North Ronaldsay Trust So looking for someone capable of monitoring the latter, as specified in an announcement posted on June 17th. A part-time employee, the lucky man will have to live with the 70 people and some 3,000 sheep identified on the island in 2011. Applications must be sent before 25 June

Offer to make the luckiest shepherds blush. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to conduct a historic wall consolidation project and lead a team of volunteers. The project will take approximately 10 hours per week and will pay 6,240 pounds or 7,300 euros per year. The rest of the time, the lucky person will be able to go about his business and take short walks around the island. Although certain prerequisites are required for candidates who have to like animals, some experience in project management, a good physical condition and to speak English fluently.

If the person is selected, they will have to undergo an interview and after that, will be able to carry out their tasks from the end of July to November 2021.

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