This Morning Viewer has left ‘Heartbroken’ by an old heartthrob who has not had visitors since March.

<p>Phillip Schofield and Alison Hammond were joined by Brian Connelly for the call</p>

This morning Viewers have sent their love to an elderly lonely cat who has not seen another person since March.

On Wednesday’s show (November 18), presenters Philip Schofield and Alison Hammond joined Brian K Con Nelly as they received a call from 87-year-old Margaret in Doncaster who wanted to chat with some “happy people”.

Describing herself as a “friendly” but “very old woman”, Margaret said she broke her hip during a bad fall last year, leaving the hospital the day after the first coronavirus lockdown began in March.

As a result, she has been on her own for eight months without seeing another person outside of a nurse who visits her once.

He told the presenters, “I live in a very secluded area, there are only eight houses … and not a single neighbor came to see me,” he told the presenters. “Things that were when we were little are no longer convenient.”

Proved to be emotional for the conversation This morning Viewers, many of whom said they could feel their “heartbreaking” for Margaret.

“Oh gosh, not even a neighbor has visited this beautiful woman,” one viewer commented. “Margaret my heart breaks for you. I prefer to be your neighbor to chat with you. I am very happy to send you and wish you all the best. ”

The provocative messages also came online from viewers who said they would gladly volunteer to talk to Margaret.

“I’m watching now and would love to talk to Margaret. I really feel for it too because I too have been separated since March, ”another viewer wrote. “I am just happy to be with my partner. Please let me know if I can help. “

“I’ll be Margaret’s friend and call her every day,” read a tweet. “We can’t tolerate people’s loneliness.”

If you or anyone you know is struggling with the issues covered in this article, you can ring or visit the same UK advice line on 0800 678 1602 from 8am to 7pm.


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