TMW EXCLUSIVE – De Vita from Scotland: “Closed doors make no sense here: it’s dramatic”

TMW EXCLUSIVE - De Vita from Scotland:

Rafael de Vita Plays in the UK since 2004. England then Scotland. Several stages, the last one is called Falkirk. “Here it is just me and my wife. My family is in Rome, my relatives are between Calabria and Sardinia.” He tells of his life, a suitcase in the hand of a footballer, on the other side of the channel, in the time of the coronovirus, for Tuttomarsetovebue. This is a state of alert for everyone: it is born as something you worry about but from afar. Now I know that everyone is trapped and it is real. “
How do you live there?
“Here we ‘wash our hands and don’t go to public places.’ ‘The fear is that this will happen just as it did in Italy. Schools closed this week and will remain closed until September. With the online platform they will go to the programs. But in the city, during the week, there were many Italian restaurants, In which only two tables were reserved.
How do you live as an Italian in Scotland now?
“In addition to playing, I also started coaching the boys. They ask me ‘You are of Italian descent’, almost out of fear of bringing me kids. Unfortunately I haven’t been there for a year, I am in June. Se was not there. Mentally closed, we hope this is at least a lesson. “
There is a lot of change even for you players.
“I speak for my family. Flights will be booked for return to Italy, we can only arrive in May and it will not be possible. Of course, it is nothing compared to other conditions, they are small things. But it is real. It looks like the film “.
And what about sports?
“It’s a disaster. On Friday we had to play, we joked. In the dressing room we joked about it, but then we realized that it was serious … it’s all stopped. From that moment on we were ‘ See you on Monday ‘broke off. ” The Footballers Association emails have arrived: The situation is dramatic, they have no idea what will happen. We are safe but companies don’t drown in gold: they have to honor contracts even if there is no box office revenue. “
Is it better to stop behind closed doors?
“They don’t have to play behind closed doors, it’s the biggest form of income. You don’t have any income. So we’re stuck and we don’t know. Now we have to decide what to do: Celtic has Already won the Premier League, Dundon United. Championship … if they resume later, everything will be missed. “
It looks like a movie.
“This is the first time that someone has killed everyone indiscriminately. Nothing has come close to this.”

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