Tom Hanks’ son responds to Joe Biden’s victory with Bizarre Rent in Caribbean accent

<p>Chet Hanks left people stunned after sharing a bizzare video on his Instagram</p>

People were stunned when Om Hanks ’son responded to Biden’s estimated presidential victory with a bizarre rent, in which he mimicked a Caribbean accent.

Chatter Hanks, also known as rapper Chat Hayes, shared a video on his Instagram with a shared question: “I’m sorry I had to.”

In the video, Chet suggests that Donald Trump should be “respected” for being the current president. He then revealed that he was joking and launching a tire of insults at Mr. Trump in the Jamaican Patois.

Many were confused by the speech of consciousness on social media, some suggesting that its use of pronunciation is inappropriate.

One person wrote on Twitter, “Whenever I remember this is Tom Hanks son I get both applauded and very confused.”

Another asked: “Did Chat Hanks decide he was Jamaican?”

The 30-year-old had earlier been accused of cultural allotment for posting a video in which he used a Jamaican accent. When Tom Hanks was nominated for a lead role in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood in January 2002, Chet booed his dad in a Caribbean accent.

Earlier this year the rapper defended his use of accents. He asked: “Why do we rush into anger and tension because of the ambiguity of ethnic communities, instead of just turning to race?”

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