Top Car Choices to Drive Through Scotland


Have the castles in Scotland stirred up wanderlust in your soul? Have you been itching to drive across Scotland to visit them? It is an incredible idea, and you must act upon it. Now there are many pre-planned trips available, but isn’t it fun to be able to customise your journey?

You can stop to eat, rest, and give yourself the time to introspect whenever and wherever you like! To have this liberty, you’ll need a car. Yes, it can be daunting and possibly expensive, but that should be the least of your concern with black box finance options.

With that out of the way, let’s look at what cars would be best to drive around the scenic roads of Scotland.

Car Rental in Scotland: Making the Right Choices

You need to be able to relax in your automobile whether you’re driving through the Scottish Highlands, to the Isles, or along either of the country’s beautiful coasts. Off the beaten path, driving around Scotland can take an unexpected amount of time. Even so, it will lead to breathtaking scenery that regular routes will most certainly miss. There’s nothing wrong with cruising around the main routes, but think about what you could be missing!

When it comes to selecting a vehicle for use in Scotland, the most important factor to consider is comfort. Even if you’re on a budget, you don’t want to end up with cramps or claustrophobia after driving for six hours. Travelling to one of Scotland’s many castles with five other people in a two-door hatchback can be challenging.

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Upgrade to a four-door saloon or 4×4 for just a few additional pounds a day, and you’ll get more space and comfort. Additionally, if you end up with a 4×4, you’ll be able to visit some of Scotland’s more remote locations.

Choosing Sleep over Fuel is an Option!

To get the most out of your time in Scotland, consider renting a caravan (campervan or RV). Even though there are many excellent Bed & Breakfasts in Scotland, caravans allow you to stay wherever and whenever you like. The caravans that offer a kitchenette and bathroom/shower space are especially convenient, as you won’t have to worry about finding a place to stay late at night if you opt for one of these.

Check out the Caravan Club to see if you have the proper insurance before you set out on your journey. Also, note that you want to account for all costs associated with renting a car, including insurance and fuel, and you may have to adjust your expectations a bit. You won’t have the most fun if you spend all your money on the car.

Road Trip Car Maintenance Checklist

Longer journeys necessitate more thorough planning, especially if you’re driving your car for the first time in months or have picked one up just before the trip. You want to be sure it’s ready to go. To ensure a much-needed, hassle-free holiday, avoid any unexpected setbacks with your vehicle at the very least. Get familiar with the following automobile hacks before embarking on a long road trip:

  • Check oil levels;
  • Check the tyres for sufficient pressure and thread;
  • Check for coolant and wiper liquid levels;
  • Check the electronics like the lights and locks;
  • Take it for a spin around the block and check the brakes and clutch pressure. If necessary, get them adjusted.
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Car Options

You can pick between a wide range of options, but some of the best are as follows.

Alfa Romeo Giliua

To go around in style in Scotland, the Alfa Romeo Giliua is an excellent choice. Rear-wheel drive and accurate steering make it a fun sports car to drive, but it’s also spacious and quiet enough for a long drive. The high-performance Quadrifoglio delivers the most in terms of comfort over time of any of the models, but they’re all neck to neck with what they have to offer on your drive. This Italian car with its Ferrari-inspired engine is considered a modern classic, combining the rare class and comfort features on a single chassis.¬†

Skoda Superb Estate

Some people would rather stretch their legs and relax on the road trip than have their hair messed up in a convertible. The roomy back seats of the Skoda Superb Estate give Rolls Royce a run for their money, making them ideal for kicking back and relaxing. Now we don’t just think about the passengers; it is crucial that the driver gets some of the perks too. The Skoda Superb Estate is also incredibly easy to drive, which makes it a great companion for long drives. You may also bring enough items to fill a small house with you in the 660-litre boot if that’s what you’d prefer during the journey or for when you reach your destination.

Jaguar I-PACE 

It is 2022, and we cannot ignore EVs anymore. Compared to the rest of the United Kingdom, Scotland has more EV chargers per capita. A public charging station is always within 25 miles of any location, no matter how remote. When it comes to manoeuvring through city traffic or tight winding roads between castles, the Jaguar I-PACE comes highly recommended. With a low centre of gravity and accurate steering, the I-PACE is powerful and nimble enough to handle a twisting single-track path. If you need to stop for approaching traffic, the vehicle’s decent off-road ability comes in handy.

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If you want to make the most of this summer and visit castles across Scotland, the last thing you should worry about is car finance. Get the best quotes right here!


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