Tottenham are now the biggest contenders in the Premier League – Guardiola

Tottenham are now the biggest contenders in the Premier League - Guardiola

The Spanish manager believes that the current table does not lie and that Jose Mourinho’s side cannot be taken lightly.

Pep Guardiola believes Tottenham are a contender for the Premier League title, but the Manchester City manager believes it could be the most open title race since England’s arrival.

City suffered a 2-0 defeat to Tottenham on Saturday, resulting in them sitting 11th in the table, eight points behind the leaders Spurs but playing one less game.

With only 10 goals in eight league games, this is City’s worst return since managing just six after the same number of matches in 2006-07.

Guardiola said Jose Mourinho’s Spurs deserved to be considered a title threat because he saw a lack of goals on his side.

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“They are at the top of the league. So it is natural that they are more contenders than anyone else right now,” he said at a news conference.

“Of course, there are a lot of points to play, we’re eight points down, we have one game less, but we have a lot of teams against us. We have to start winning games, if it’s not going to be possible, we know. We know. We have to try to win games, we know.

“In terms of the game, I think we’re not too far away, but we’re struggling to get goals right now, and it’s not specifically for one person or another. That’s the reality, 10 goals … not good enough.”

Since arriving in City in 2016, Guardiola has helped the club win two Premier League titles – 19 points in 2017-18 and one subsequent campaign.

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The other two players were Chelsea who won by seven points in 2016-17 and Liverpool by 18 last season.

Guardiola thinks this could be the most open title race since he came to England, while Spurs are only five points clear of sixth-placed Aston Villa.

“Well, first year, I remember Chelsea yes, initially it was very tight, but in the end they take advantage of it. The second season, and the third, and the fourth, it was clear twice for City and once for Liverpool.” He said.

“It simply came to our notice then [the most open title race], But again it’s nine [sic] Games I think we still have a lot to play.

“We’ll see, you know how we’re going to play a lot of games this season.”

The City’s 12-point return from eight games is the lowest at this stage of the Premier League campaign since 2008-09, when they averaged 10.


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