Tottenham beat Chelsea on penalties: Carabao Cup fourth round – as it happened | Ftb .l

I said before the game that we would be ready to fight, and we were ready to fight. Before the penalties, I told the players, “I don’t care about penalties, I care about what they did.” They were the best team. They were gorgeous. In the second half, a super team like Chelsea looked like a very normal team, and it is not. We played so, so well. The team managed to wait for the right moment. I told the players, they should just think about this game, but I have to think about three games at once. And they just thought about this game. They were phenomenal. All credit to the boys. I don’t believe we are playing a European game in 48 hours. The boys were phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal. I don’t care about fines.

What happened to Eric Dyer is not uncommon, I have to say with special appreciation, but football officials have many rules that are in place to ban him from playing in two matches of 48 hours of this intensity. Because Newcastle was a Premier League match, and this can be called a Premier League match level. What Eric Dyer did is not human. They have a lot of rules about everything, but Eric Dyer did what he did. [He confirms that Dier will not play on Thursday, as a result of tonight’s efforts]

All the other boys, they were phenomenal. We used the boys, the first minute for the season. Tanganga, not even friendly. I decided not just to give Hugo, but to signal to my team that we were here to win. I wanted a captain on the pitch, the first goalkeeper on the pitch, but everything was on him. I have an incredible negative record on the shootout but today I felt like everything was going well, because so far we were the best team and yet the boys deserve to win this match.

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