Toyota has launched the 2nd Mira Mira Hydrogen Fuel Cell car

Toyota has launched the 2nd Mira Mira Hydrogen Fuel Cell car

Toyota Motor Corp. on Wednesday unveiled its second-generation Mira Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, compared to the original model in terms of its improved fuel efficiency and longer range, which was the world’s first mass-produced FCV.

The five-seater Mirai has three tanks to hold hydrogen fuel used to generate power for its electric motor, giving it a range of 850 kilometers, about 30 percent more than the first pay generation, a four-seater model that can carry 650 passengers. Is. Km on its two tanks. Toyota launched Mirai in 2014.

Toyota Motor Corp. Pictured is the second generation Mira Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle, December 4, 2020. (Kyodo)

Toyota is boosting the FCV’s promotion with the unveiling of the new Mirai on Wednesday, increasing its output capacity to about 30,000 units a year.

The proposed base model Dell Retail is priced at 7.1 million yen (, 1,000,000), but the automaker said Mirai buyers will receive about 1.4 million yen in subsidies and tax breaks. The original model was priced at 7.4 million yen.

Toyota’s operating operator Mas Fiser Masahiko Meda said the new Mirai M hydro dal is “a starting point for the widespread use of hydrogen”.

FCV is powered by electricity generated by a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen and does not emit carbon dioxide.

They are considered the green alternative to traditional gasoline cars, but given the limited range of vehicle choices and the relatively small network of hydrogen fueling stations, they face obstacles in achieving widespread.

The pace for low-emission-Japan is in line with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s pledge to achieve carbon neutrality or to reduce carbon emissions to zero on a net basis by 2050, a goal also sought by the European Union and Britain. U.S. President-elect Joe Biden has also stated his intention to curb carbon emissions.

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Toyota’s Japanese rival Honda Motor Co. has launched its own hydrogen-powered vehicle, the Clarity Fuel Cell Car.

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